The Most Courageous American Tournament has been the most rewarding activity I have been involved with in 16 years of teaching U.S. History. The conversation from students who previously had little or no interest in history has been incredible!  This activity allows your top end students to stay involved and challenged but it also brings into play that student who previously had no reason to engage or become invested in our country's history. The desire to succeed and be successful in this tournament is on display daily with boys and girls from all walks of life in my classroom.


Ideas for your very own tournament:

I typically run the "Most Courageous American Tournament" but the options are endless:

*Most Influential Founding Father

*Most Productive American

*Most Influential Virginian (Could do for any state(s)

*Greatest Military Blunder in American History

*Most Horrific Battle (from a soldier's point of view)

*Greatest Military Upset (could be a war or individual battle)

*Greatest Invention in American History

Also, keep in mind that tournaments can take place in other disciplines/subject areas such as:

*Most Important Scientific Discovery

*Single Greatest Medical Discovery Discovery in History

*Most Significant Exploration Event in Human History

*20th Century Invention with Greatest Impact for Mankind

*Most Sympathetic Character in Shakespeare

*Most Impactful Fictional work of the 19th Century

This 35 page step by step book will provide you everything you need to run your own tournament.  For the price of $4.99 you will have the ability to run a lesson that your kids will never forget - year after year!  What I find to be so inspiring is that each class, each group of kids, brings a different level of excitement to their own tournament.


Try it for yourself and see the difference!

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